Hearing Aids at Titusville, FL
Hearing Aids at Titusville, FL
Hearing Aids at Titusville, FL
Hearing Aids at Titusville, FL
Hearing Aids at Titusville, FL
Hearing Aids at Titusville, FL
Hearing Aids at Titusville, FL
Hearing Aids at Titusville, FL
Hearing Aids at Titusville, FL
Hearing Aids at Titusville, FL
Hearing Aids at Titusville, FL
Hearing Aids at Titusville, FL
Hearing Aids at Titusville, FL
Hearing Aids at Titusville, FL
Hearing Aids at Titusville, FL
Hearing Aids at Titusville, FL
Hearing Aids at Titusville, FL
Hearing Aids at Titusville, FL
Hearing Aids at Titusville, FL
Hearing Aids at Titusville, FL


We are happy to share success stories from satisfied patients below:

“Tom and his wife Shelly are the Best people you would ever want to meet! Tom took time to test my hearing, and fit me with the perfect hearing aids for my hearing loss. Tom is very dedicated, and has a true compassion for people suffering from hearing loss. Tom & Shelly's compassion for people is really genuine. It was such a positive experience! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me. I can hear again!"

~ S.C.

“This is the place to go for those of you who suffer from hearing loss. Tom went out of his way to ensure he found the perfect hearing aids for my unique loss. I need a CROS aid, which means one device is a transmitter that sends sound from one ear to the other without wires. That takes a lot of time to research and test the devices and make sure they work. Tom did it for me and he continues to search for updates. Stop procrastinating and call NOW!"

~ J.W.

“Contentment Hearing was recommended to me by a friend. I don't know why I waited as long as I did to have my hearing evaluated and now realize what I had been missing. These folks are spot on in furnishing a diagnosis and solution for my personal needs. The whole process was very thorough and professional.

I wouldn't hesitate to give them my highest recommendation."

~ J.H.

“I was having difficulty hearing TV, understanding people in crowded situations, hearing homilies in church, and more and more often asking people to repeat themselves. After a family gathering at a holiday, I was convinced I had to look for help for my hearing. I chose Contentment Hearing because it was a local place close to my home and a family run business. Tom examined my ears, gave me hearing tests, explained all the hearing aid features, and, upon his suggestion, I chose Oticon hearing aids.

Well, my life has changed; how good it is to hear so well! Tom makes periodic adjustments to cut out background noise, avoid tinnitus, and to make my devices comfortable for me. It has been a year and a half since I received my hearing aids, and I am 100% satisfied with the personal attention I receive. Tom is like family, and I would highly recommend him to everyone.

Thank you Tom and Shelly."

~ MGT, Titusville, FL

“One day my husband who had worn hearing aids since he was 45 years old was having trouble with them. I went in to see Tom to find out if there was anything that could be done to help him. He lost most of his hearing in WWII. Tom was able to fix his hearing aid and adjust it so that he was able to hear much better. Tom continued to help Hugh when he needed help. You see, he only had 15% hearing with hearing aids. What a blessing.

Now when I was there with Hugh I thought that I would have my hearing tested. The old way was in a sound proof room which I did not like. Tom used new digital equipment that was plugged into a computer. I was never so shocked to find out that I had 45% loss of the high tones in my right ear and some in my left. After hearing the bad news I decided to hear my husband better, and I had better get a pair of hearing aids. Tom is very compassionate and caring and tuned in to getting you the best sound and response. I have been going there for about 6 years and am on my 2nd pair of hearing aids. I love the friendliness of the office; they greet you, and everyone is like family. I wish them many years of success and hope that I am able to go there as well. Good luck and good wishes. You are the best. I would recommend them to anyone."

~ P.M., Titusville, FL

“Dear Tom,

I too was having trouble hearing people talking, but by the good grace of my sister, I was introduced to Tom. Since then I have purchased a set of devices that now allow me to hear very well. Tom is a miracle worker who goes beyond the call of duty to keep us old people from missing out on life's important things like hearing. Thanks again Tom for your patience and understanding. Keep up the good work and give Shelly a raise; she has earned it!"

~ J.P., Orlando, FL

“Dear Tom,

Hearing aids have helped me to enjoy communicating with my friends and family again. My daughter is very happy I can hear again without any trouble. The service at Contentment Hearing Care is second to none. It is so nice to do business with happy people.

Thanks again,"

~ Mrs. L.P., Port Saint John, FL

“Dear Shelly & Tom,

Hearing aids have improved my self-confidence to join into the conversation again. Not only was your service polite and professional, but also informative. We learned so much at Contentment Hearing Care, it made the hearing aids easier to operate."

~ Mr. & Mrs. M.G., Titusville, FL

“Dear Tom,

As you know, I have been wearing hearing aids for 17 years now. You have been working with me for over 10 years, ever since I met you at the Altamonte Mall. Now that you own your own business in Titusville, I still appreciate the fact that you go the extra mile to make sure that my hearing aids are working properly for me. (Since I have to drive the extra miles to get to you) you have been very understanding and patient in helping me get my hearing aids adjusted. I am a very satisfied customer and would highly recommend you to my friends and family."

~ Mrs. K.R., Winter Springs, FL

“Dear Mr. Contento,

This letter is to thank you for helping me with my new hearing aids. When I moved to Orlando from Connecticut, I knew my new hearing aids needed to be adjusted. I did not know where to go. When I called your office, your wife set me an appointment to come and see you. You gave me a hearing test and adjusted my hearing aids based on my hearing loss. I was amazed that I could hear so well without any harsh noises. You spent time with me, and I am so grateful. I have been wearing hearing aids for 22 years. This is the first time that I did not have to go through months of adjusting. You have the experience and know what you are doing. My hearing aids are working great! Thank you. I know where I will be going in the future for all my hearing aid needs."

~ Mrs. G.S., Orlando, FL

“Dear Tom and Shelly,

The kindness and service you showed me at Contentment Hearing Care is so good, you even helped me to hear better with hearing aids I didn't even buy from you. I promise I will return to you for any thing I could possibly need in the future."

~ Mrs. A.H., Cocoa, FL

“Dear Contentment Hearing,

Recently I purchased An Oticon bluetooth wireless hearing aid system from you fine people. This system has enhanced my hearing capabilities greatly. I can now use my cell phone, listen to TV and / or music effortlessly. My hearing has changed tremendously thanks to this hearing system. I want to let people know, that anyone who is struggling to hear the TV and the phone, there is help.

The Oticon bluetooth wireless system has made the world a much better place to live in."

~ Mrs. H.M., Orlando, FL

“The staff at Contentment Hearing (Tom & Shelly) are professionals all the way. They will work with you to fit you with exactly what you need, instead of trying to sell you what is on the shelf like other places. Tom will test your hearing and test fit or demo hearing aids to get just the right product for you, and just as important, they are there after the sale! I am kind of rough on my hearing aids and anytime I need help with them, or need an adjustment, all I have to do is call.

Contentment Hearing Care is the only center I will trust with hearing aid needs."

~ Mr. E.M.K., Titusville, FL

“I feel extremely fortunate to have found Tom and Shelly at Contentment Hearing Care here in Titusville. Tom has led me through this learning curve regarding hearing aids, and this is not a one size fits all solution. Tom did not sell me a product and send me down the road. He made sure I have the right aids for me. He then taught me all about them, what to expect from them and how to care for them. He has been there every step of the way and I could not be happier with the change this has made in my life. Tom and Shelly are the most knowledgeable, honest and reliable business owners it's ever been my pleasure to encounter."

~ Mr. S. Shaw, Titusville, FL

“It has been almost 9 years since I first came to know Tom and Shelly at Contentment Hearing, and I must say that the service they give is excellent. I knew nothing about hearing aids and how they can make your life richer and more enjoyable, but the very professional help that I got made the whole experience so easy. The service and advice that I have received over the years has been good and it makes me feel special knowing they care. It makes me look forward to my visits for checkups.

Thanks, Tom and Shelly. God bless you."

~ D.C., Titusville, FL

“First class personal service. Very friendly and professional people. Will go the extra mile to make your experience easier and more affordable. Highly recommended by this old man!"

~ David J.

“I stopped in with a major dilemma - with a hearing aid not working and leaving town in a week. Shelly made a call for me to discover that my hearing aid was still under warranty (!) and mailed it overnight to the company who returned a new replacement before I headed out of town. What a sweetheart! I later learned from my father-in-law that this outstanding level of service is typical of both Shelly and Tom. What a treasure for Titusville!"

~ Thomas N.

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