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The main thing that makes Contentment Hearing Care special is our experience and the fact that we truly care about every one of our patients' individual needs. We never treat you as a number, but rather ask ourselves, “How would we solve each person's concerns as if he or she was family?"

We attend several educational seminars every year to learn more and keep up with all the new products and services available.

Hearing Consultations

We should all have regular hearing consultations throughout our lives, just like we need to be screened for other types of possible health problems. Hearing, like many other types of health issues, is easier to help the earlier it is determined.

Dispensing New Hearing Aid Devices

Of course we also dispense new hearing devices from every manufacturer on the planet. We try to use the appropriate choice for each individual by taking into consideration each person’s needs and budget.


Numerous patients we have seen over the last several years just needed their existing hearing devices readjusted by someone who had the expertise and cared enough to try to help their particular situation. Just helping by teaching patients the correct way to use their devices is rewarding in itself.

Ear Molds

We have all types of custom ear molds available for any type of situation from simple swim plugs or noise reduction to high quality ear monitors for musicians, plus anything in between.

Insurance and Financing

  • All types of insurance accepted.
  • We will contact your insurance company free of charge to find out the details regarding your individual insurance.
  • All major credit cards accepted.

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