Featured Technology: BrainHearing™

Our ears pick up sounds, but we actually hear and understand with our brains. No two people process sound the same way, just like no two people see colors exactly the same way. As we age, we have more difficulty hearing in competitive noise, and this greatly differs from person to person.

The concept of brain hearing approaches each individual differently depending on their needs and wants. Some people need very little assistance from the automatics of hearing aids, and some need a lot. This concept allows me to adjust the amount of automatic assistance for each different person. Getting to know every individual and their lifestyle is the key. This takes time and patience from all parties involved.

We believe this can be done with any product on the market, even with users who bought their hearing aids elsewhere. We are a very different type of hearing aid dispenser than any other you will find in most places in Florida. We're trying a new and inventive approach to get more people fit for hearing devices in our office. With the amount of managed care hearing companies multiplying rapidly, our industry is changing fast. Big box stores pose a challenge because people have become accustomed to buying everything on sale.

With this in mind, it is important people go to professionals who understand the assistance they will need with their hearing aids. Our goal is to keep our business going by understanding each patient's individual needs and providing them with the best and most personalized hearing healthcare available.

Featured Technology: Oticon Opn™

30% Better Speech Understanding

We want to offer our patients the best devices available, that's why we are proud to carry Oticon's latest device, the Oticon Opn. This groundbreaking device gives you better speech understanding by:

  • Allowing for multiple speakers in noisy environments
  • Containing a revolutionary ultra-fast sound processing chip
  • Separating conversation from noise

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